For some, expressing gratitude comes naturally. Others, not so much.

If you are someone who struggles to find ways to say thanks, organise gifts, or simply think of ways to perform random acts of kindness, this page is definitely for you!

I’ve always had a knack for expressing gratitude & making someone’s day (for which I am very grateful), and knowing this is not everyone’s forte, is something I would love to help with.

tick Top 3 tips:

  1. Keep it personal – hand-made, something of interest, personal jokes, memories
  2. Keep it simple – the more you think about it, the harder it becomes. It’s the thought that counts
  3. Think outside the box – not everything has to involve money or items

Light bulb Ideas:

Smile – this is my go to, every single day. Have you ever noticed that when you smile, others tend to smile back? Have you ever noticed the difference you feel when you smile? Congratulations, you just made someone’s day! Simple, right?

Thank you – another simple yet effective method. Doing something for someone doesn’t mean they need to do something in return. I find that a simple thankyou is enough, and normally all I ask for in return. It’s also good manners, so should be second nature to everyone!

Hand-made card – the design can relate directly to the person (personal), simple and easy, cost effective and can express the message you really want to portray!

A friend’s Mum was not well – took 2 minutes to create a card which sent well wishes and love to the family. I didn’t spent a cent and it bought a little smile.

Flowers – I personally have never been a fan of flowers. However, if the recipient is fond of them, it makes sense. If I were to select flowers as my choice of gift, I would take the time to find fresh flowers growing and either pick one giant one, or put together a pretty bunch (remember to keep it legal). Much more personal than stopping by Coles, and picking up a bunch because it’s convenient!

Memories box – For Christmas one year I asked my entire extended family to send me a quality they love and a fond memory of both Nan and Pop. I crafted a beautiful box and placed all of the responses in there. Along with a heartfelt letter, I sent the box to Nan and Pop, explaining that they were to take out one response each, every day while enjoying their morning cuppa. They laughed and cried their way through the entire box and still to this day, say it is one of the best gifts they have ever received.

Return something – book, DVD, trolley, basket, unwanted item. Quite often, you will find yourself heading somewhere anyway, why not make use of it? Returning your trolley? Take the shopper’s next you. Popping into the shops on the way home? Offer to return or pick up something for a friend, saving them a trip.

A friend was swapping a dress and the last one in her size was at another location. She was going away for the next couple of days and they would not hold it long enough. Knowing Mum was heading to the shops, I asked her to grab it while there!

Online orders – the possibilities are endless!! All you need is an idea, and their postal address. Everyone loves receiving packages; they’re even better when unexpected.

Daily reminders – Print and stick little messages to colleague’s computers, write on someone’s Facebook wall, send someone a message. It doesn’t have to be big, just a simple saying or reminder will make their day!

‘You are loved’, ‘Your smile brightens my day’, ‘Thank you for being you’, ‘You are appreciated’.